Write Without Worries

Since I have an idea to write a book, I decided to attend Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2018. To be inspired, to feel the vibration from Indonesian and International speakers, to get knowledge and to develop my horizon. To meet people who have the same interest. Here are some of motivations and virtues I got during this event.

“You don’t have to be one thing. Nobody really in a place, nobody has home, nobody belongs, nobody is really here. All is temporary”. Said Hanif Kureishi , author of THE NOTHING. He was talking about of being half Pakistan British. Just like him, I had a problem from people who question my nationality. I am half Philipines but I can’t speak Tagalog. Same like him, I never visit my dad’s country. When I state that I am Indonesian because I born in Indonesia, those people said I don’t have Indonesian family name. But why is this important? We all here for temporary. You can’t separate things from each one.
Another quote from my interview with Giuseppe Catozzela from Italy, the author of “Don’t tell me you’re afraid”:

“Writer should go beyond the average and mainstream communication. Mainstream narrative on the world and on the history. Because if the writer isn’t free to say and to write what he wants. He isn’t a writer. A writer shouldn’t care the mainstream narrative of the world. You should follow your heart and the truth”.

Overall, a writer should have a liberty to put what’s on his/her minds into words. Without worry about their ethnic, nationality, religions, etc. Writers should have a courage to be the voice for other people. Shouldn’t afraid to get judge for all their flaws. As Indonesia Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti said at the first panel on UWRF2018: “The most important is good job done. Then people will forget your flaws”.

I would like to thank The Ubud Writer and Reader Festival for invited such of inspiring speakers. For throwing some good entertainments such as music and movies. Also the delicious food stalls during the festival.




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