Paint With the Needle

Wayan Sukayasa aka Yande,tatto artist.

Kutuh Kaja is a village located approximately 2 km to the Northeast of Puri Ubud. In the 1990s, it was once a rural village where most people work as a traditional painter of Ubud style. At that time, it easy for us to find that there is at least one person in the house who work as a painter. Wayan Sukayasa aka Yande is one of those who at that time to his profession as a painter Ubud traditional style.


Wayan Sukayasa aka Yande

However, since about 15 years ago, Yande apparently more interested to pursue the art of body painting using needles or more popularly referred as tattoos. His interest begin with have some tatto on his body made by his friends. Later on he also keen to master the art of painting the body with needles.

With a background as a painter, would not be hard for Yande to conquer the art of body painting. If he was scraped his brush on the canvas, now Yande using the body as a canvas and a needle instead of a brush. So the body of his friends inevitably become a target for Yande to practice.

Fortunately,  lots of his friends like tattoos and they excited their body was tattoed by Yande. So, no need to wait for long time for Yande to quickly become mastering the art of tattoos himself. One of his specialties are free hand tattoo.

Yande don’t remember how many person who had his work onto their body so far, however it must be more than thousand since he makes tatto for 15 person everymonth in average. His clients comes from all over the world.

His expertise as a tatto artist bring Yande have an opportunity to visit the Netherlands. He was invited by his friends, they are all tattoo enthusiast who want to have Yande’s work onto their body. Hence, the bodies of tattoo enthusiasts from The Netherland was received the touch of Yande’s  needles and leaves traces of artistic. Yande works as freelancer tatto artists even though he often work in Dewa Tattoo Studio and Agus Tattoo studio, both in Ubud.



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