#Bahasa Indonesia Lesson.

Bahasa = language
Indonesia = name of the country.
Bahasa Indonesia = a national language of Indonesia.

Bahasa Indonesia is a Lingua Franca since Indonesia has 34 provinces. Each province has several ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has a different language or dialect. Even in one ethnic group they speak different dialects and use different words to express similar things. It seems complicated, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I let you know this fact to understand formal words, informal words, which words should you use, etc.


(sample sentence):
“Do you speak bahasa?”
= Incomplete, not clear. It should be:
“Do yo speak Bahasa Indonesia?”

“Apakah anda bisa bahasa?”
Incomplete and not clear (what language? Indonesia? English? France? etc.).

It should be:
“Apakah anda bisa berbahasa Indonesia?” or “Apakah anda bisa Bahasa Indonesia?”



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