Forbidden City in Ubud

The Ministry of National Development Planning / Head of the National Development Planning Agency (PPN / Bappenas) is preparing a master plan for the development of a “forbidden city” in Ubud.

In a press conference last December 28, Suharso Monoarfa, Minister of PPN said that the concept of the Forbidden City in Bali, especially Ubud, is one of the government’s efforts to restore tourism in Bali. So that tourism in Bali is expected to become tourism with the best quality for tourists or quality tourism.

“We will make a place (forbidden city) somewhere in Ubud, I can’t say where it is but Bali will have something like that, limited and with all kinds of world shows in Ubud,” Suharso explained. In this case, he continued, Bappenas is working with traditional leaders and local governments. “Hopefully we can finish it (the master plan) in the first semester of 2021, so we can see what it looks like,” he explained. In principle, Indonesia wants tourism in Ubud, Bali will prioritize cultural tourism, and will prioritize private or limited tourism.

Suharso said that the Forbidden City in Ubud will adapt the concept of Forbidden City culture as in China but adapted to Balinese characteristics. This is because, in the future, post-Covid-19 tourism is expected to change (shifting) from mass tourism where tourists come to a destination in droves to quality tourism which is more private and limited. “So, later on, Bali will have a limited place and with all kinds of world shows in Ubud,” he concluded.

According to Suhrso, Bali is ready to become a destination for quality tourism, so the government encourages the birth of the Forbidden City area. “So, we are not only selling beaches and nature, but we will start selling more limited cultures, we will encourage that,” he said. By taking care and focus on the culture, the tourism industry will sustainable. Bali is more ready to develop this new tourism because it becomes a barometer of Indonesian tourism with a wealth of natural and cultural tourism.



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