Pergub Bali No 97 / 2018 Regulation of Disposable Plastic Limitation

Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster released Governor Ordinance (Pergub) No 97 tahun (year) 2018 about Pembatasan Timbulan Sampah Plastik Sekali Pakai (Limitation of Disposable Plastic Waste). This is the third Pergub he had released since become the Governor of Bali. The previous 2 Governor Ordinance is about Custom Traditional Bali Dress (No 79 / 2018) and Governor Regulation No 80 / 2018) about Bali Language, script, literature and month of Bali Language.

Disposable plastic bag, polysterina (styrofoam), and plastic straw are 3 stuff made from plastic which is banned. The Governor regulation obliges producer, distributor, supplier and business person to produce, distribute, supply, and substitute the disposable plastic stuff. This regulation also prohibit to produce, distribute, supply and provide disposable plastic. “all producer, supplier, business person and provider of disposable plastic have 6 months to adjust, since this regulation be in force”. Said Wayan Koster in press conference on December 24th. 2018.

“Disposable plastic prohibition also applies to government agencies, BUMD (Bali government company), private company, religion institution, customary village, and society and personal. “Bali government will plan�the actions of limiting plastic waste”. There are 15 actions from identification of disposable plastic, campaign, public dialogue, education and scientific activities, restriction of disposable plastic, and law enforcement.

Koster said this Pergub targets to reduce 60 to 70% plastic waste in Bali per year. Participation from Customary village and the society will be encouraged to make this happen. There will be a team to do guidance and supervision. They will do education, promoting, consulting, assisting, training in using non-plastic stuff and law enforcement.

Koster added “This team from government agencies, academics, NGO, business person, religious leader, and top figures in the society”.� Bali government will give reward and punishment for those who do not follow. Legal standing for these are UU No 18 / 2018 tentang Pengelolaan Sampah (about Waste Management), UU No 32 / 2009 tentang Perlindungan dan Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup (about Protection and Management of the Environment), and Perda Provinsi Bali No 5 / 2011 tentang Pengelolaan Sampah (about Waste Management). This ordinance intended to keep�chastity, harmony, and environmental balance, prevent pollution and environment damage because of using disposable plastic,�maintain the ecosystem,�ensure public health, and for the next generation not depends on using the disposable plastic”.



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