India in Bali

Starting from the same hobbies and interests, India in Bali was founded in 2018 by Indian Cultural Center students, Bali. Even though it has been performing across various arts stages in Bali and outside Bali, the Denpasar Festival 2019 stage is their first breakthrough as an independent community without joining any other institutions.

Carrying the theme “Smile, Sparkle, Shine”, at this Denpasar Festival, India in Bali performed two types of dances namely semi-classical and modern (Bollywood). With a total of more than five song titles and ten dancers, their entire performance was beautifully packaged for 20 minutes on the culinary stage of Jl Veteran Denpasar on Monday, December 30, 2019 at 19.00 WITA.

“This is not our first show at Denpasar Festival. Previously, we had performed several times at the same event with ICC (Indian Culture Center) Bali. But, this is the first time we appear independently as a community. “Said Ratih Julita, one of the pioneers and dancers. “This time it was more special because we were without a teacher. And all the preparation and training we did together with other community members” added Luhde who also joined Ratih to establish this community.

Denpasar Festival is a valuable opportunity for them to appreciate their love of the arts while entertaining the visitors. They hope that their performance will be able to present a mesmerizing spectacle while also inviting all elements of society to enjoy Indian culture, accompanying Balinese culture.

They also invited people who have hobbies and love of Indian culture to join the Indian community in Bali. “We are open to the public, and for all ages. We hope we can provide a forum for those who are interested in learning Indian culture, especially dance. We are ready to welcome 2020 with various interesting agendas and activities, of course, for community members and the community in general, “concluded Novita Diah Lestari, who is also one of the founders of the Indian community in Bali. For readers who are interested in knowing more about the Indian community, they can follow their Instagram @indainbali



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