Ladies Orchestra & Dance Troupe

List of Performances by Ladies Orchestra Chandra Wati & Dance Troupe :

  • Instrumentalia “Kebyar Ding Sempale”
    is an expression of heartfelt joy communicated in the form of melody and rhythm and extremely dynamic performance. This musical calls upon and is supported by the glorious sounds of the Gamelan Gong Kebyar with chorus. This piece was composed for Chandra Wati Group.
  • Puspa Wresti Welcome Dance
    This dance derives from the ritual dance: Pendet dance. Symbolizing of gratitude, respect and joy when welcoming the presence of gods who descend from khayangan (realm of gods) . a number of young girls in this Panyembrama represent member of the dance and music troupe to welcome the audience with deep appreciation and peace.
  • Cendrawasih Dance
    Cendrawasih is the beautiful bird from Papua island. It is also known as a bird of paradise. This choreography is about them having mate ritual.
  • Baris Dance
    Baris is a traditional dance glorifying the manhood of the triumphant Balinese warrior. The word of Baris means a line of file, in the sense of a line of soldiers and was the name of the warriors who fought for the king of Bali. The dance depicts the courage and virtues of an admirable hero who going to war. It may be performed by either boys or girls.
  • Panji Semirang
    This dance held story of princes named Diah Chandra Kirana who changed her clothes and cut her very long hair, pretended to be a handsome man named Panji Semirang. Then she lived in the forest, followed by her helpers. She did all of this because her husband married another girl. The female dancers put on man costume and express the man characteristic.
  • Rabbit Dance
    This is the new dance choreography that portrays of the behaviour of the rabbit.
  • Topeng Monyer (Happy Mask Dance)
    Literally the happy mask dance is one of the mask characters in mask dance. It portrays an old man who want to have strength as when he was young but his old body not allow it.



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