Mesuryak, Throwing Money

Bongan Gede, a custom village in Tabanan regency has a unique tradition called mesuryak, throwing money which is then grabbing by people. This tradition is believed as a companion for the ancestors back to heaven as this tradition is carried out on Kuningan day, a holy day which is believed that the ancestor is back to heaven after downing to earth on Galungan day (10 days before). There is no valid information since when the Bongan Gede village has mesuryak ritual. The eldest of the village only knows that this�tradition exists a long time ago before they were born.

After praying procession at the private temple in the house compound, people bring the offering of Kuningan (which is a symbol of the ancestor) to the gate’s house/kori�agung. A local priest/elder will be praying and then after that, the mesuryak procession is begun.

Throwing the money meanwhile shouting (shout = mesuryak in the local language, that’s the tradition is named accordingly) to the air is believed as a symbol of giving the ancestors allowance. The money then seizes by children and adults. The amount of money depends on the ability of the host.

photo by: Fikri Yusuf, antara news.



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