Mandala Giri – The Mountain Area

Mandala Giri or literally means mountain area, is the theme of The 13th Sanur Village Festival 2018.� This theme is based on the idea to refocus attention to Mount Agung.

“Even though there is no mountain in Sanur however we can see panoramic view of Mount Agung from Sanur beach, as we have a temple e.g. Giri Kusuma temple which is connected (in spiritually) to Mountain Agung. This means, that there is awareness about how important the mountain is.

For Balinese, eruption of the mountain not just as a “pralina” (fusion process) yet it is an�utpeti or process of the new life. Mineral flow from the volcanic ash give fertility and prosperity.� Eruption can be interpreted as a sign of nature for human life.


When Mount Agung erupted in 1917, it is considered as a rebuke from the gods as Balinese ignore about Besakih temple. So do in 1963, it is believed as an expression of gods’ anger for imbalance of environment and human behavior who neglected the gods.

The increased volcanic activity of Mount Agung has been reviewed scientifically, but it can also be considered spiritually as signs from nature that bring awareness to the people to exercise wisdom for the future. Through this spirit, we gathering the strength that makes us aware to have empathy, menyama braya, respect and give the best to the environment. Bali communitys life philosophy of Tri Hita Karana reminds us to preserve Bali, both physically and spiritually.” said IB Gede Sidharta Putra, Chairman of Sanur Village Festival.


“Kinship, ngayah (mutual assistance), metetulung (helping), and sense of belonging made this festival (Sanur Village Festival) became communal activity which give real benefit for Sanur resident and coastal village community around the area. Spirit of creativity, motivation and innovation of Sanur which is accommodated through this festival will be developed to create the prosperity and peacefully socio-culture order.”

IB Gede Sidharta Putra aka Gusde added he will keep exploring new innovation for the Sanur progress.� Sanur Village Festival program prioritizing environmental activities, arts, culture, entertainment, sports, culinary, tourism, exhibitions etc.




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