Love at the First Bite

Love at the first sight is a common but Mills Burger is love at the first bite!

Todays trend for millennial generation about food, fashion, music etc is going to the world. Locals eat pizza, fried chicken, salad, burger (imported food) meanwhile foreigner eat godoh, Balis name for fried banana (local food).

Mills Burger at Jl Dewi Sita, Ubud has been opened since November 5th. 2018. The question is why open Burger stall in Ubud as we know many restaurants in Ubud which sell burger already. I think if we want to sell food, the first thing it is must delicious, cheap, pleasant, and service. Chinese says do not open a shop if you cant smile. Western says give rose to the consument or in short buyer is the king, said Mr. Wayan udarmaja, the owner of Mills Burger.

So is Mills burger delicious?
From my experience, we sold hundreds of burger since we were open, and nobody complain about it. Yes we got some input instead, so we use it to improve our products.

What is the most favorite burger chosen by our customer?It seem all of our burger are sell evenly however we sell more Crazy Rich and The Boss Baby, perhaps because it is easy to remember because the name just like the movie title and the taste just right on the tongue of burgers fans. ������

What is the specialties of Mills Burger?
Most of our products are home-made: burger buns, meat, cheese etc. so the taste must be different from other restaurants.

Do you have plan to open in other area?
Not yet. First of all, open the Mills Burger for me is mostly about hobby and passion. Second is for fill out my free time (Im retirement). It makes double pleasure. Doing hobby make me happy and when the selling is good, Im happy too.

“How explaining delicious food if you dont try? If you are not satisfy please tell us. If its delicious tell your friend and bring your family to eat at Mills Burger. Thank you” Wayan Sudarmaja.



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