Orgasm Class Organizer Arrested

Denpasar immigration officers detain an organizer of the orgasm class activity entitled Tantric Full Body Orgasm which is planned to be held on Saturday (8/5) at the Karma House Tattoos villa, Sayan Village, Ubud. A Canadian citizen named Christoper KM was pick up from his residence in the Pecatu Village area, Kuta on Friday afternoon (7/5). Christoper KM position was found after Denpasar immigration team conducted an investigation at the Sayan village, location of Karma House Tattoos, a villa where the orgasm class will take place.

During the investigation, a number of witnesses said that Christoper had moved to Pecatu village in South Kuta. After searching for 7 hours in Pecatu village area, the immigration officer finally managed to find him in one of the houses in Pecatu Village. Furthermore, Christoper is taken to the Denpasar Immigration Office for further examination. He has investigated about his event the orgasm class activity in Ubud which was advertised on one of the online sites.

In March 2021 a similar case shocked Ubud. At that time, the orgasm class activity was planned to be held at a villa in the Ubud area as well. The event charged a fee of US $600. The event was gone viral on social media and the authority came down to investigate and didn’t give approval.



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