Ubud Groups Rally to Sound Therapists Sacred Music for Peace Campaign

Iranian-born vocalist and sound therapist, Shervin Boloorian just launched a new cross-cultural music project to raise awareness about people and sacred cultures from the Middle East. Boloorians forthcoming album One with the Beloved contains wisdom from world-revered Sufi Master, Rumi, all in original Persian and Arabic languages. The Sufi-inspired album is endorsed by over a dozen Bali community groups, leaders and holistic businesses, forming the backbone of a community alliance in support of Boloorians Kickstarter (crowdfunding) campaign to raise money for the cause (deadline is July 25).

Rumis voice cuts across faith, nationality and ideology; he brings us back to the universal human experience, Boloorian comments, Opportunities for relating are in high demand today. I felt strongly that a sacred music project with Rumi as the central inspiration could relay an alternative to what we commonly hear about Iran, Islam and the Middle East.

Guided by inspiring Rumi texts in One with the Beloved, Boloorian seeks to bring urgently needed attention to conciliatory messages of friendship, compassion, hope, and divine inspiration. Rumi is noted as the top selling poet author in the USA and is respected across the West and the Muslim world; his works translate into 23 languages.

Community leader and Ubud Writers and Readers Festival Founder, Janet DeNeefe endorses the project along with a cadre of other leaders of top cultural and holistic business groups in Bali,� Shervin Boloorians music offers an extraordinary healing journey with mystical sounds, both traditional and new, that remind us that love and understanding is the only way forward,” says De Neefe.

Boloorian, who for a time advised US-Iran peace coalitions in Washington D.C, has captivated a global audience through his live music events and workshops since leaving Capitol Hill and certifying as a Tama-Do (Way of the Soul) sound therapist in 2011. He offers Ubuds longest running and most popular sound healing event, Sound Medicine (a Tama-do Sound Harmonization)

The new album breaks new ground with unique concepts, such as the worlds first Sufi-inspired chant (Zikr) in a West African style accompanied by Kora from world musician, Vieux Cisshoko,� and other instruments delivering Western and non Western flavors to the melodies and rhythms contained.

Boloorians voice places him amongst the most celebrated singers in Bali thanks to his popular sound healing sessions and debut album (Spirit Night by Candlelight).� In addition to African Kora, a variety of live instruments are featured in the new album to accompany Boloorians signature high tenor vocals such as : Egyptian Ney Flute, Frame Drum, Indian Bansuri, Dulcimer, Clarinet, Himalayan Meditation Bowls, crystal bowls, Brass Chimes, Classical Guitar and more.

The One with the Beloved album is scheduled for general release in Sept. Boloorian will also be touring many parts of Europe starting in August, with live presentations and interactive Connect to the Beloved music workshops (as well as other sound healings) using his songs and sounds as a platform to shift attitudes through experiential engagement, according to Boloorian.

The tour will later move to Asia, Australia and the US with plans to include storytelling for children and community forums to complement Boloorians live music events.

Among the Bali organizations endorsing One with the Beloved are: Ahimsa in Action Bali, Akasha Creative Hub, Alchemy Academy, ARMA Museum, Bali Silent Retreat Center, Bali Spirit Festival, Bali Storytellers Festival, Casa Luna, Janet De Neefe (Director and Founder, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival), Namaste: the Spiritual Shop, Radiantly Alive and Taksu Bali.

Ubud Appearances

In July only, you can catch Boloorians Sound Medicine live sound healing concerts at Ubuds Yoga Barn every Wednesday at 730 p.m. as well as weekly Crystal Bowl Meditations on Wed and Fri at 930 a.m.� Spirit Night, a gala evening of live Sacred World Music and Sound Healing led by Shervin and the Bali Sound Healers Collective is on Mon, July 31, 730 p.m. Shervin also leads Indigenous Dreamtime sound healing on Sun, July 16 at 230 p.m. His Sufi sacred sound movement workshop events will be held on Sun, July 23 at 230 p.m. and Wed, August 2 at 3 p.m.. And a special One with the Beloved album and tour launch is scheduled for 630 p.m. on August 2.� All of these events are open to the public and programmed at the Yoga Barn, Ubud.

To watch Boloorians crowdfunding appeal and find out how you can back One with the Beloveds vision of peace through sacred sounds and music, visit http://kck.st/2swkrIk. You can also download a free track from the album to get a sample of what is to come without obligation there or visit� https://soundcloud.com/hi-phi-music-amsterdam/shervinboloorianbaza
More about Shervin Boloorian

Shervin Boloorian, Western-raised refugee based in Bali, is director of Sound Healing Bali,� a certified sound therapist, vocalist, workshop presenter and recording artist. Providing his holistic sound therapy and multi-instrumental concerts in Bali to thousands of guests over the years, he has led fundraising for local causes in Bali through an informal community service program known as the Bali Sound Healers Collective (BSHC). BSHC sound and music events involve local artists and have already successfully raised money for Bali water rights, Bamboo reforestation, youth AIDS awareness amongst other local Bali causes.� For more information visit www.facebook.com/rumimusic to learn more about Shervin and a full schedule of events, visit www.soundhealingbali.com



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