Colossal Dance Rejang Sandat Ratu Segara at Tanah Lot

As many as 1800 dancers, the Collosal dance Rejang Ratu Segara was performed successfully on August 18th. 2018. The dancers are selected students of Junior / High School in Tabanan regency. Few weeks before the dance was performed, Regent of Tabanan, Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti, the initiator of the Rejang Sandat Ratu Segara dance, along with�300 dancers had prayed asking for safety (spiritually) on July 27th. 2018 at the Penganyengan temple in Tanah Lot. This 300 dancers are the leader/principal dancers who train the choreography to other 1500 dancers.

Regent Eka explain, Rejang Ratu Segara Dance is a dance as a prostration of gratitude to mother earth or
the queen of the ocean. It means that we, the human must always remember that the life comes from the motherland. This dance also a form of love and gratitude to the motherland for look after all creatures without exception. This is a gratitude dancing and with aim to preserve Bali culture and nusantara (Indonesia) as well.

Ratu Segara Dance is sacred, the dancers is prohibited using “dirty” cloth (physical and spiritually). Number of the dancers must be mulitple of 9 such as 18, 27, 36 and so on as multiple of 9 is symbol of
affection. This nature lacks of love, need of love. Lack of mother’s trait. So through this dance, all nature and its creatures hopefully will full of love. So that’s why the number of dancer who take part in
this performance are 1800, which is multiple of 9. Amount of of the dancers was planned as much as 6300 however as the space is not possible for 6300 dancers so the number is reduced to 1800

Rejang Ratu Segara is prepared at least for 3 months. Gamelan composition by I Wayan Muder and choreography by Wayan Juana Adi Saputra. Not like other Bali dance costume, Rejang Sandat Ratu
Segara dancer wear White kebaya with green cloth sarong and sash as green is a
favorite color of The queen (of the ocean). The dancer also wear decoration made from rose and
tuberose flower, particular identity of sovereign of the ocean.

“Rejang Sandat Ratu Segara dance has magical value, as this dance particularly is presented for sovereign of the ocean. I felt goosebump many times When I was composing the music, I can fell taksu (spiritual power, charisma) of this dance is extraordinary. This dance can be bebali (kind of dances which is use for the religious purpose). It could be sacred yet it could be for entertaining” say Wayan Muder, Rejang Sandat Ratu Segara gamelan composer.

Here is the video of Rejang Sandat Ratu Segara :



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