Rurung Festival Peliatan 2018

Rurung is a local word for an alley. But it is not just an alley / lane for passageway. It’s not just a noun but it also a culture. In the past time where agriculture is the main life of� Bali, rurung is a place for farmer to gather and have a chit chat about what is going on in the community and of course about farming issue as well. As a gathering place, rurung become a center for economic activities in the village. Small warung sells Bali coffee and some of traditional cake make rurung is a perfect place to hang out in the afternoon after work hard in the rice field during the day. Many things could happen from little chit-chat in rurung, even brilliant idea could be sparked from small talk in rurung.

Rurung had become important role for Balinese. The social system which is called banjar and tempekan was formed in rurung. Followed with pemaksan, pengempon, pekandelan and many more related to the social communication system.� This inspired us to make Festival Rurung Peliatan.

“Festival Rurung Peliatan intended to bring all nuances and atmosphere of rurung. Through this festival we want to generates confinement of its functions in general. We hope in a traditional live, the brilliant idea to answer global challenge will be born through the Festival Rurung Peliatan. In other words, tradition is not about the past but for the thought how to create the new idea without marginalize the tradition” said Wayan Sudiarsa, chairman of the committee.

“The theme of Festival Rurung is “Lelaku Tani” which means about things in life. which is speak about purpose in our birth. Lelaku is play or role, Tani is another form of self purpose in life, that effort and learning must be done continuously for keeping life and growth. This theme is a wish, hoping all of us aware of our self function and responsibility in life”. Wayan Sudiarsa added.

The 2nd Festival Rurung Peliatan will be held in Rurung Pangkung Banjar Teges Kawan Yangloni from December 21st. – 23rd. 2018. Each days has different theme. The theme of first day is “Malam Tradisi” exploring the old time. The second day theme is “Malam Modern” which talk about today situation and the theme for the last day is “Malam Kontemporer” exploring vision in the future. The different theme of 3 days is a portray of Balinese life which comes from the past to improve today’s life. Understanding the past for doing visionary things in the future. So in this global era, the old time still has important role to welcoming the future.

Here is the schedule of Festival Rurung Peliatan� 2018

TIME December 21st. 2018
Malam Tradisi
9.00 – 16.00 Visual Process by The Artist Community
16:00 Kids’ Game by Children of Peliatan village
18:50 Opening Ceremony Village Officers
19:00 Baleganjur Tektekan by Semara Jati Teges Kawan Yangloni
19:05 Movement Expression by Surapradnya Community
19:20 Photo Essay by Multimedia
19:30 Bobot-Toh Music by Gamelan Suling Gita Semara
19:45 Photo Essay by Multimedia
19:55 Acoustic Band by De Gess and Friend Acoustic
TIME December 22nd. 2018
Malam Modern
09:00 – 16:00 Visual Process by The Artist Community
16:30 Counseling of Medicinal Plants by Sandi, and IB. Putra Suta
18:05 Mother’s Day Celebration + Movement Expression by Women of Peliatan Village & Pancer Langit Bali
19:05 Bali Kids Pop Song by Hening Lila Siwani
19:25 Move Exploration by Napak Tuju
19:40 Music Exploration by Nyomane
19:55 Photo Essay by Multimedia
20:05 Acoustic Music by UNB’ROCKEN
TIME December 23rd. 2018
Malam Kontemporer
09:00 – 16:00 Visual Process by The Artist Community
16:00 Kids’ Game by Children of Peliatan village
18:00 Closing Ceremony by Village officers
18:30 Move Exploration by Sanggar Sesni & Budaya Tindak Alit Badung
18:55 Documentary Film Workshop by Dwitra J. Ariana
19:15 Photo Essay by Multimedia
19:25 Move Exploration by Dewayu Putri
20:00 Contemporary Music by Semara Jati
20:10 Move Exploration by Manubada
20:20 Acoustic Music by Tanksi Putra



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