Covid-19 Info & Bali Policy Update (March 22nd)

Bali Province Responsive Task Force Covid-19
Hotline: 1500451 – 0361 251177 – 0857 9224 0799

Updated Covid-19 Info and Bali Policy 22 March 2020
Press release by Dewa Made Indra, Bali Province Secretary

Until March 22 in the afternoon, the result of Laboratorium test using swab method from 96 people PDP/Pasien Dalam Pengawasan or Suspected Patient in Bali cumulatively 96 person is:
Negative = 70� ; Positive = 3� ; On proses/waiting for the lab test result = 23

A policy of the Bali government based on National Policy and the latest situation in facing risk:

1. All migrant workers from Bali who is going back to Bali and coming from the infected countries will be quarantined. Bali government is preparing the quarantine place.

2. To reduce interaction between people and keep short distance policy, Bali government instructs all hospitals in Bali to stop all visits and limit patient companion, only 1 person allowed.

3. Bali government is preparing a laboratory at Sanglah hospital for a swab test.

4. Bali government is preparing for screening and rapid tests for ODP /Orang Dalam Pengawasan or people with Covid-19 symptoms (such as high fever, cough, etc.). The screening will be done at KesDam IX Udayana Hospital. The equipment is preparing and can be used in the next few days.


Appeal/urge for the community and local government:

Starting today, there will be quarantine for migrant workers who come back to Bali, please be patient and understanding from the parents and the society to follow self-quarantine consistently and participated to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Local government should do self-quarantine for migrant workers and should give education to the community that quarantine is our need to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Bali. It’s responsibility of the government along with the community to do quarantine.

Support and the same action from the local government and the community leaders to keep monitoring the migrant workers who just come back and make sure they do self-quarantine consistently. Let the task force in the village get involved along with the village leaders. The key to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is to make less contact and keep distance among people. Together act of the government, army, police, local leaders, the community, and all society can be controlled the spread of Covid-19 to the lowest level.

The original press release is in Bahasa Indonesia as in the video:



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