Governor Regulation About Using Plastic in 2019

Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster is waiting for decision from Ministry of Home Affairs about Governor Ordinance (Pergub) of using plastic. He hopes in the beginning of January 2019, the Governor Ordinance will be applied in all Bali. This Pergub is intended to control of using disposable plastic bag, Styrofoam and plastic straw.

“Bali government just finished the ordinance which regulate about plastic waste include restriction and limitation of disposable plastic bag, straw and Styrofoam. The draft is already sent to Ministry of Home Affairs in Jakarta and we had planned that in the beginning of January, it’s already applied in Bali. At the moment, we are making implementation rule how it will be done in the field”. said I Wayan Koster, governor of Bali as quoted� from NusaBali.

Koster admitted this Pergub have target to reduce 60 to 70% plastic waste in Bali. “One of things which we will do in order to make Bali clean, green and beautiful. This is our target in the future. Not just from plastic only but� other things which make Bali dirty as well. Our concern together to preserve nature of Bali is a form to preserve our ancestor’s heritage.

“In the future, Bali will be managed comprehensively with Perda (Regent Ordinance) and Pergub (Governor Ordinance) to regulate nature, people and Bali culture as well so Bali development will be qualified, environment friendly and sustainable that give most beneficial for people of Bali. For that both tourism entrepreneur and the community as well must oversee and support all activities which is for the goodness of tourism and Bali” the governor added.



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