Jakarta Implements PSBB (Large Scale Social Restriction)

PSBB/Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar or Large Scale Social Restrictions in Large Scale is one of the policies chosen by the Indonesia government in attempts to handling Covid-19 spreading prevention. Jakarta, a capital city of Indonesia starting to implement PSBB starting yesterday, April 10th. 2020 and valid for 2 weeks. The Governor Regulation was issued�as a legal basis for local governments. (Peraturan Gubernur Nomor 33 Tahun 2020 tentang pelaksanaan “Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar Dalam Penanganan Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) di Provinsi Daerah Khusus Ibu Kota Jakarta”). Link to the Governor Regulation.

What is the PSBB regulate?! Here is the summary of the PSBB implementation:

Limitation of transportation modes during PSBB: Public transport is obliged to undertake Social Distancing (less passenger than its seat).

Limitation of commercial/private company/shops: Banks, insurance, payment system providers, ATMs, ATM charging vendors, banking IT vendors, banking call centers and ATMs. The gas station, LPG, retail outlets and oil and gas storage.

Freight forwarding services, application-based two-wheeled transportation may only transport goods. Delivery of basic needs and goods including food/medicine. Personal security service: Power plant, transmission/distribution unit/service. Printed/electronic media.

And for personal/people they must implement clean and healthy living behaviors. Wearing a mask is mandatory in public space/go out of the house.

Along with the enactment of the PSBB, the government distributed a social aid package, the first period is for registered 1.2 million underprivileged families.�The next period for poor and vulnerable people who are not yet registered. The package consists of 5 kg rice (1 sack), Sardine (2 cans), Biscuits (2 packs), 0.9-liter cooking oil (1 pack), Bath soap bars (2 pieces) ), and cloth masks (2 pieces).




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