Nangluk Mrana

Due to the Bali Calendar System, sasih kanem or the sixth month, is believed as a month of disaster so we have be more careful. Ida Pedanda Gde Keninted, the Hindu High Priest, said that we have to be more cautious since lots of disaster happen in Bali during sasih kanem. According to lontar Roga Sanghara Bhumi, Bhatara Uma, the goddess of the earth, is meditation during sasih kanem. In this month there is disharmony between people and their leaders, nature is getting dark and also disease spread easily.

Some village will hold a ceremony called nangluk mrana to neutralize the negative element that comes within sasih kanem. The ceremony takes place in the beach and/or in the village. Sacred barong will parade around the village, inviting the God to be present in the village, protect from disease and other negative things. Besides that the ceremony also pray blessing for fertility as well.

Nangluk mrana derived from the work nangluk which means embankment/barrier/fence and mrana which means pests/disease so nangluk mrana is to protect from disease/pest.�Nangluk mrana also can be hold during sasih kapitu (the 7th. month), sasih kawolu (the 8th. month), and sasih kasanga (the 9th. month).



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