Pangurip Gumi

Overexploitation of natural resources decreases the environment quality. One of the efforts to bring back�sustainability and sanctity of nature (spiritually) is holding the ceremony called Karya Agung (big ceremony)� Pangurip Gumi.�

To hold a big ceremony, Bali people must do yasa kerti (praying) to prepare both physics, especially spirituality, purity of heart, thinking, speaking and behaving and avoid doing such negative things that can�tarnish the sanctity of the ceremony.

According to I Wayan Tontra, head of PHDI (Indonesia Hinduism Society) of Tabanan, as quoted from the Bali Post, “Karya Agung Pangurip Gumi intends to arouse the energy of the earth. Like a handphone, it needs to recharge, so the earth and/or nature must be given the energy through the ceremonies”.

Karya Agung Pangurip Gumi will be held at the temple (Pura Luhur Batukau) at Wongaya Gede village, Penebel, Tabanan in 2020. This big ceremony is aimed at that nature get kerahayuan (salvation) not just for Tabanan area but also for Bali island. I Wayan Tontra admitted we only use/exploit nature for years and never do such a big ceremony Pangurip Gumi, it is hoped that through this ceremony there will be a balance relation between humans and God, between humans with the environment and people can live balance both physic and spirit.



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